Bulgarian’s SUPERHEROES?

Originally these are the figures of Soviet soldiers at the base of a Soviet Army monument in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, and now they’ve turned into different animated characters including Superman, Robin, Joker, Santa Claus etc. Very strong taste of distinctive humour by unknown graffiti artist. The sprayed title means “Moving with the times” in Bulgarian.

If u ask me is this Vandalism or Art?  Well, I admire his sense of humour and I personally like the Ronald McDonald transformation very much, but he always look so damn scary!! I just discovered that I prefer Superman in his tight suit and red underwear… I mean outer-underwear… yaiks!!

I vote for ‘Art’.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2004814/Is-bird-Is-plane-No-Superman-friends-painted-Soviet-statue-Banksy-Bulgaria.html


Breath-taking Masterpiece @ Henry Butcher Art Auction Malaysia 2011

Henry Butcher Art Auctioneers

Thanks to dad’s big name, I have a chance to attend Henry Butcher Art Auction Malaysia 2011’s Full Viewing night on the 27th of May. Dad is the only artist invited to Henry Butcher’s Art Auction Full Viewing Night in KL.

For those that think art exhibition or art auction sounds distinctive or glamourous, I would say its just because art industry is not that common in Malaysia. In other words, BLAME THE EDUCATION. Yes, I said that!!

Actually there are quite a number of art galleries in KL, like Ampang, Bangsar, Starhill, Pavillion, Mid Valley Gardens. Now, other than that, art lovers might already get to know about MAP@Publika, which is soon growing to be a must-visit spot for all art lovers, artists, and especially art collectors.

As a daughter of an artist, I grown up in a different ‘situation’, u can’t find a single framed photo in my house except my room… but there are tons of paintings hanging all around, and most of them are older than me!! In this kind of artsy fartsy up-bringing enviroment, I experience ‘numbness’ looking at paintings when I was in high school and it last for few years. However, when dad started his solo exhibition, my sense suddenly grew back, in fact even better!! ^_^

The Crowd

My eyes are just like my tougue, damn picky. The last time I spent my time admiring every single piece of artwork was in Melbourne. I m not criticizing Malaysian artworks, of course, but many many good ones are hidden. Henry Butcher Art Auction Malaysia 2011’s Full Viewing actually fulfill my wish to see these hidden masterpiece. Respectable artists like Dato’ Chuah Thean Teng, Bayu Otomo, Datuk Ibrahim Hussein, Chia Yu Chian all under one roof!!

Check out the sneak preview, pic poorly taken by me with my phone… sorry for that…

Dato Chuah Thean Theng’s Batik

Dato Chuah Thean Theng is Malaysia’s Father of Batik, his unique concept and style is legendary. The bottom artwork is by Lee Long Looi, the vibrant one on the right is Khalil Ibrahim’s early piece.



 Some of my favourite pieces, above is Relaxing by Peter Harris. Below, one of the most outstanding paintings among all is Cinta II by Bayu Otomo.


Dad is happy to see his artwork placed right at the side entrance. I personally love how dad present the colour of the sky. Both on the right by Wong Seng Non.

Cheah Yew Saik - Glorious Morning II

 Last but not least, I was amazed by this artist that is quite new in the fine art industry. Marvin Chan who used to be in Advertising. Check out his work below.


Everything I write above is just my personal feelings, I m no art critic or what so ever. I believe Malaysia’s art industry is getting better and better, not just as a pure pleasure to the eyes, not to show how good your taste is, but also a very good investment. Another 5 months to the Malaysia Art Expo 2011, looking forward for that as I have high expectation for this year’s performance!!

Facebook: Henry Butcher Art Auction Malaysia 2011 http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=157266411005647

Official Website: Art Expo Malaysia http://www.artexpomalaysia.com 

《Heaven&Earth 感天动地》好看!

Pls allow me to write this post in Chinese, the main reason is because 《Heaven  & Earth 感天动地》is a Chinese stage performance by TEA Theatre from Malaysia. Well, the second reason is just to show how multi-lingual am I.   ;-P

刚从Panggung DBKL回来,心里还念着《Heaven & Earth 感天动地》中阿伟和沉香crossover的那一刻……

由李永强和刘锦康导演,八年前大获好评的舞台剧再次呈现在大家面前,当中只保留了三个演员,其他都是新成员。大乐乐乐团的现场演奏很好,迎宾暖场时还用华乐演奏我偶像 Joe Hisaishi 的多首曲子。众演员专业的肢体表演、演技精湛、舞蹈柔中带刚我就不多说了。最令我佩服的是《宝莲灯》及现代青年犯罪心理穿插的桥段及时空交替的编排还真的很有效果!古代的孝子和当代的衰仔对话时,虽然不是什么高潮,却是我最喜欢的一幕。


另外,姜果然还是老的辣!饰演三圣母和刘嫂的资深演员(爱美利亚 & 吕俊霖)真的让我的鸡皮疙瘩起了好几回!!荣获戏炬最佳新人奖的翁诗传哽咽大哭时也让我有所感触……毕竟我一向都觉得男人的眼泪比女人来的有杀伤力!!

我今晚因为朋友邀请有幸出席VIP Night 真的感激不尽。看见很多来宾都是本地艺人,突然觉得自己有点渺小,就一点点而已啦~ =P

整体来说《Heaven & Earth 感天动地》是一部非常值得推荐的舞台剧,好看!!一定要捧场支持哦!!


Jingle, 佘婉霜 & PohJinn

《Heaven  & Earth 感天动地》演出时间 & 日期:

26/05/2011 – 8.30pm

27/05/2011 – 8.30pm

28/05/2011 – 11.00am 3.30pm 8.30pm

29/05/2011 – 11.00am 3.30pm 8.30pm