Review: SEXYLOOK Strawberry Black Head Pore Cleanser Set

CAUTION!! DO NOT view content if u have low tolerance for disgusting pores pic!!!!!

I believe everyone agrees that make up can really enhance the beauty of a person and at the same time to cover blemishes. However, frequent makeup really causes me some skin problems, especially my pores…

I always do double cleansing to remove make up, but with hours of makeup ingredients & sebum covering my face, it causes me blackheads and whiteheads at the end of the day, therefore I m always looking for a solution for my pores.  I have the so-called ‘Strawberry Nose’, yea imagine ur pores are like strawberry skin… it is not cute at all!!! *sob sob* After trying all those clay mask, peeling gel, pore cleansing oil, I find Biore Pore Pack quite effective and I’ve sticked to it for more than 5 yrs, until I discover SEXYLOOK Strawberry Black Head Pore Cleanser Set!!

SEXYLOOK Strawberry Blackhead Pore Cleanser Set

I hate that this product is not as convenient as Biore Pore Pack, but the fact is these extra 2 steps really make a loooooot of differences. The pack contains a (step 1) Deep Sebum Softener, (step 2) Sebum Purifying Mask, and (step 3) Pore Treatment Essence. 

Pack of 3 Steps

 I believe that the Deep Sebum Softener did a great job to make sure the black/whiteheads are ‘well-prepared’ for the Mask to stick tight to them. The Sebum Purifying Mask is very thick but quite easy to apply and it smells lovely, just like strawberry yogurt!! Takes around 20 mins for it to get dry thoroughly, a bit hard to peel off, but the result is very very very very very satisfying!! U just have to be patient.

SEXYLOOK Strawberry Peel

OMG!! Yuckssss… Damn gross rite?! Wait until u check out my before and after result!!

CAUTION: Ugly nose pic!!


Yup, worth all the hard work. SEXYLOOK Strawberry Black Head Pore Cleanser Set is now my Holy Grail as a blackhead remover. Love it to the most. My nose is now ‘silky smooth’, especially after I apply the Pore Treatment Essence to tighten the open pores.

I get my pack from for RM32 without postage. If u r into peel-off blackhead remover, this is definately a must try!!

Happy Pore Fighting!!


5 thoughts on “Review: SEXYLOOK Strawberry Black Head Pore Cleanser Set

  1. Hey,

    what are the steps in achieving the best results for this kit? I know they have instructions at the back of package but i want to hear what you did step by step in ordering for all of your blackheads to peel off?

    Thank you so much for our help btw i love yoour blog =PPP

    • The magic is ‘STEAM’!!!
      Most ppl skip this very important step due to laziness.
      U can always cover your face (or just the nose area) with wet towel hot enough to open your pores for at least 1 min before applying the products.
      This method helps to achieve best results!!
      Muuuaaacks to smooth skin~

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